My first beauty find for 2013

If you have combination skin like mine you're most likely oily through the T-Zone and normal or dry on your cheeks which can cause the pores around your nose to be slightly enlarged. So while I love my Environ skincare, I've recently discovered Perricone MD Intensive Pore Minimizer.

I've been using it for about 2 weeks now and I've noticed a remarkable difference in not only the size of my pores, but my T-Zone isn't as oily as usual. The bottle says to shake it well and use every day, but I've been alternating days as I don't want to lose too much of my natural oils, especially in californian weather. It works pretty much like a toner. Add a small amount to a cotton pad and wipe over your face, focusing on the area that needs it the most. Then follow up with your moisturizer.

It's available at department stores, Sephora and if you're in the Los Angeles area, visit my friends at Beauty on Wilshire. Sag members get 10% off! RRP is around $55.


Good Hair, Good Skin

CHRISTOPHE™ Beverly Hills -

Lesley-Ann Brandt & Jacky Beasse Ok, so I thought I'd share my secret weapon... My hair stylist Mr Jacky Beasse! Jacky, together with color guru Rich at Christophe's Salon in Beverly Hills are my go to guys when it comes to my locks. What I love about this team is that they are always working in the best interest of my hair. My hair grows out wonderfully, my color lasts and the result is a very happy lady and NOTHING beats walking down the street after Jacky and Rich have been at it. The Christophe Salon experience is wonderful!

I recently received a letter from Chauntee asking me what I use on my skin. From my previous blog you'll know I'm big on sunscreen, especially out in California. When it comes to everyday though, I'm an Environ girl. High doses of vitamin A and C. It's a skin care regime that needs to be recommended by a specialist because you have to work you way up. I've been using it for the last 3 years but I also get regular facials. With the amount of makeup I wear for work, my skin can easily get a build up of oil and product so weekly exfoliating helps keep my skin clear and glowing as well as NEVER going to bed with my makeup on.


Number 1 rule though is lots of water! First thing I drink in the morning, last thing I drink at night! Hope this answers your question Chauntee and thanks for writing in!


Dark Circles?

Spartacus Blood and Sand/Gods of the Arena Makeup Artist Anna De Witt & Lesley-Ann Brandt


I'm sharing with you my secret weapon when it comes to dark circles. I discovered this product when I started working as a freelance makeup artist between my acting gigs. My makeup artist on Spartacus Anna De Witt fell in love with it instantly!

Bobbi Brown Concealer & Corrector The Bobbi Brown correctors and concealers for under eyes are the two products I must have on every set I work on. I have indian heritage and Indian women tend to have that natural dark circle. It comes as a two part system but is very simple and easy to apply. Basically the corrector evens out the skin color, getting rid of the blue tone and the under eye concealor lightens and brightens. The result is an even and bright under eye area!

  • Step 1 - apply your usual eye cream (I hope you're using one!)

  • Step 2 - apply the corrector with a brush. You can be quite liberal with the product and use your finger to pat it down gently.

  • Step 3 - apply the concealer to lighten and brighten the area, again pat the product down using your finger.

  • Step 4 - the concealer kit comes with a pressed yellow fine powder to set what your just concealed and your done!

  • Bobbi Brown The corrector range includes Bisque tones which is ideal for fair skin and the Peach tones which are for the darker skin. The concealor range will need to be matched with your foundation. Don't think you can buy one without the other. They work together and believe me it is worth it. Priced around $25 mark, the pot will lasts forever.

    The best thing to do if you're unsure is to visit any Bobbi Brown counter and get color matched. You'll thank me later, promise!



    Lesley-Ann Brandt

    I thought I would use this part of the site to share with you some of my favorite beauty tips and products!

    Invisible Zinc - Environmental Skin Protector I often get asked what I use on my skin so that seems to be a good place to start. My skin is very important to me, if I had a favorite thing about myself, it would be that. I'm dark, so it can scar easily, especially if I pick at a pimple so I am careful and the one thing I do not forget to wear everyday is Sunscreen. Yes, every day especially now that I live in California. My mother started me on a skincare regime from the age of about 14 and she insisted that I use suncreen whenever I was playing sports, in the water or if I'd be outdoors for long periods. Your skin is your biggest organ, yet it can often be the most neglected. Being sun smart can take years off someones face, but more importantly its guaranteed protection from those harmful UVA and UVB rays. My favorite product is Invisible Zinc. It's Australian but you can buy it online. I recently discovered Invisible Zinc on a visit to Sydney and was happy to learn that it is completely chemical free, has no Titanium Dioxide, no parabens, no chemical SPF active ingredients, provides high spectrum protection and is cruelty free. What I also love is that it is light weight and can be used under your foundation.

    Bobbi Brown - Tinted Moisturizer Oil If you don't wear foundation or just want a really light coverage with sun protection, try the Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizers. They give you the coverage of light foundation without that heavy feeling and they can be re-applied if you want more coverage. I usually use my Zinc and then a bit of the tinted moisturizer on weekends.

    Be sure to check back again for more of my favorite tips and beauty products. If you have questions, feel free to send them via the Contact page.